Pti’s cool snow

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Posted on: 11.11.2012 в 07:42 - 4 комментария - Visited 3583 times

This is the best snow script I ever seen. It based on XSnow written by Nikolaus Klepp (C)2002 GPL.

So I ported this to wordpress and aded some options.
This plugin can automaticly detect winter and runs scprit only it needed. You do not have manualy activate/disable it.
You can configure flakes quantity, flakes speed.

Download, Activate, Be suprized!

Download Plugin: pti-snow

4 комментария on “Pti’s cool snow”

poop poopbutt

I have left you a comment, because I know math. This is not spam. Thanks for the cool plugin!

15.11.2012 on 06:01
poop poopbutt

Seriously, one comment on this verifying plugin is that maybe the email address should be required to be real, that way, if I want to leave an anonymous comment, I can’t do it without responding to some sort of verifying email sent to me to confirm my authenticity. Thanks again, and sorry for the ridiculous name. I didn’t think that it would actually post my comment. Feel free to delete it!

15.11.2012 on 06:06

Thank you for your feedback. E-mail requires a wordpress and he did not published. I also guarantee that your email address will not get spammers. I personally get a terrible day dozens of letters with absolutely useless information and just tired to send them in batches to the basket. I am against spam

15.11.2012 on 12:09
Tim Gillespie

I sthere a sample of this somewhere?

30.11.2013 on 04:07

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