Pti’s Text-Math Antispam for comment

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Technology spammers are improving with every passing second, I think. If you leave comments enabled for all, and your site is found spammers, approximately 100-150 spam-comments per hour is provided to you.

The idea of this plugin is quite simple — to simplify the life of users and make life difficult for spammers as possible. This plugin does not extradite complex images, from which it is simply impossible at times to see something. This plugin gives a simple sentence with a math question like «How much is eight minus three …» or «How much is six multiplied by five …». Read the text of the person and understand what he should do a simple operation is not difficult, similar to the CAPTCHA contain numbers and actions that can make life easier for burglars to the same captcha will have trouble.

All spam comments marked as spam automatically, you just have to periodically simply press the button «clean the spam» and this is all.

Plugin benefits:
a. Very easy to use, not need to configure anything
b. Very tiny code, less than 100 lines
c. Support localization, original .po file included
d. Do not displays a complex images, just asks a simle math question
e. Can convert questions to images
f. It’s realy works!

Downloads: (v1.0) (external link) (v1.3) (external link) (wat’s new)


3 комментария on “Pti’s Text-Math Antispam for comment”


Заманчивая новость, как скоро ожидается поступление обновлённого материала и вообще стоит ожидать ?

15.11.2010 on 04:46

Thank you for this plug in. It truly has saved me much time not having to read each comment or go to an anti-spam site to check for names, IP addresses, email addresses or user names. Great work! Thanks, Dave

17.02.2011 on 19:31
Andrew Kurtis

I’m Andrew from WebHostingHub. We are doing Spanish translations of useful plugins in order to ease the people from Hispanic community and we consider that your Pti’s Text-Math Antispam for comment plugin that we found at is very interesting.
Would it be ok with you, if I translate it into Spanish?
I hope I’ll hear from you soon.

Kind regards

Andrew Kurtis

12.12.2013 on 14:06

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